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Bringing Mental Health Professionals Into Web3

Sparked by watching psychotherapists SCRAMBLE, in crisis mode, to adopt and 'have to' utilize teletherapy due to a worldwide health pandemic. Telehealth has been in popular use since the 1960s --- so WHY where most psychotherapists not already using a technology that those we serve NEED us to use? The answer is comprised of many layers: education, understanding, buy-in, and trust. 

When using what you believe is working, what is the reason you would change it? First, considering a need to change means accepting that it's functioning, but not optimally; in the best interest of psychotherapists and clients in our care. 

For example, a car may be running and gets you from point A to B. However, if the oil is leaking, the engine cuts off while stopped at a red light, and the check engine light is on preventing the car from passing emissions testing in two months --- is the car working optimally? Absolutely not. 

NFTs come with an opportunity to teach mental health practitioners about how new technology, specifically blockchain technology, works to enhance service provision and client privacy.  Let's move to better protect the therapeutic alliance, a sacred trust, through better methods for providing and securing client care. 

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Education | Connection | Engagement | Inspiration | Celebration

After 25 years as a licensed psychotherapist, 18 years as a clinical supervisor for mental health professionals in practicum and internships, and pursuing independent licensure, THIS is what you get:

A mix of

  • a nonconformist bubble gum popper

  • one who opened her mind and learned to welcome the therapeutic benefits of Pop Psychology

  • a 'new technology' enthusiast' because-a how it has made people's lives better and

  • a fascination for how Web3 has already proven to be a catalyst for privacy protection which better serves people who depend on us mental health practitioners to 'do no harm.'

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