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#ThisMe ya'll

After 25 years as a licensed psychotherapist, 18 years as a clinical supervisor for mental health professionals in practicum and internships, and pursuing independent licensure, THIS is what you get:

A mix of

  • a nonconformist bubble gum popper

  • one who opened her mind and learned to welcome the therapeutic benefits of pop psychology

  • a 'new technology' enthusiast' because-a how it has made people's lives better and

  • a fascination for how Web3 has already proven to be a catalyst for privacy protection which better serves people who depend on us mental health practitioners to 'do no harm.'

I enjoy creatign digital art. There woudl be no PsychologyPop with digitial mediums. Creating digital art 'feels' different than creating physical art. Literally. The sounds of the graphite from a pencil being laid onto textured paper, there is a flow to it, a soothing meditative flow to it.. The smell of paint and watching 2 or 3 colors being swirled into the exact color I am looking for.  The feel of a brush. Yes, it's the sensory aesthetics that I just haven't been able to replace.


However, that does not male physical art better than digital art. Just 'different.  I can't really say exactly when I started drawing; likely since I could hold a crayon firmly enough to control the strokes. The masterpiece of my mother was created in preschool. My mother still has it...she won't part with it, but I begged for a photo to keep.


First, let me say that digital art 'feels' different than creating physical art. Literally. The sounds of the graphite from a pencil being laid onto textured paper,

DIscovering NFTs (non-fungible tokens) was an epiphany for me; an ah-ah moment that came at the right time, as I was deciding on the track for the next phase of my career. I knew it would have to do with continuing to educate clinicians, as this was always one of the most fulfilling aspects of the past 25 years.


As you read The Story, add in the realized that as a part of opening the hearts and minds of my peers to adopting new technologies earlier versus as a last-minute gasp, I could use my artistic ability and overall creative spirit and present NFTs as a sort of entry-level method to introduce clinicians in Web3 and blockchain technology. PsychologyPop.Art is a bridge for understanding Web3 and how blockchain technology works, while at the same time celebrating the work of psychotherapists and the clients we serve.

A part of Web3 is 'the metaverse.' As I explored the metaverse, pieced together infromation to try and understand exacty "what is the metaverse?" I kept seeing these really cool metaverse names. Names that NFT Project Founders, Web3 developers, and digitial artists use to either stake their undoxxed anaomyity or a character in the metaverse. 


What I immediately noticed was 'wait a minute? My youngest child; a baby GenZr has used names like this even before he could write his own government name. He's BEEN functioign in the online gaming metaverse --- which required a metaverse name! *light-bulb**His have mostly been gaming or anime-related.  During our conversations I understnd why he chose each name, and even noticed how his metaverse names changed...evolved....matured. And there was always and underscore_ somewhere in the mix. 

Okay, just follow me here. I have said (to myself) that if I ever wrote a fiction novel my name psuedonym would Lana Dunne. So decidign on a metaverse name was easy, especially teh addition of the underscore. In honor of my son, the underscore was a MUST. So like John Cena, "you cant't see me!" cuz I'm @Lana_Dunne in the metaverse. 

I consider myself a technology geek. A few of my friends call me a tech nerd, book nerd, or just a nerd, I embrace them all! Oh---there's something ew out that will make my life easir AND looks cool?! Give it here-NOW. I mean why would anyone keep doign it he old way when there now exists a new and better way? **shrug**

I remember the day, at the still brand new BHL State Crisis Line, David Covington asked for one of us to volunteer to do real time data entry as we answred the calls. My arm flew up so fast its a wonder I didnt dislocate y shoulder....realizing that no one lse even attempted to rraise their hands. David was like, "Elana-tag you're it!" I was SO relieved to NOT have to write all the information down on paper and enter the details in the database later. Kinds liek I hate doing session notes....okay, I digress...

Just liek real-time data entry became a thing, like teletherapy became a thing LOOoooong before the pandemic of 2020, Web3 is becomign a thing that we will not be able to avoid--- THAT excites me even more than a brand new unopened bag of Chips Ahoy (and folks who knwo me KNOW abotu me and cookies).  

Web3 is new, it's here, and I'm ready to get psychotherapists onboarded and ahead of the inevitable. 

PsychologyPop is a muse that reminds of where I started and how I have grown. Grown to be true to myself, learning from experiences, and embracing being open-minded to new things; especially those I dont understand or psossibly don't agree with. PsychologyPop is about having fun, 'just relax,' 'be easy on yourself,' standing firm on my personal core values, and NOT feeling forced to conform to the norm. 

Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor

I've done SO many things over the past 25 years in my career. My first job in the mental health field was in 1997. And the rest is still HERstory in the making.

I am an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in the State of Georgia

A Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor in the State of Georgia

A Few Roles & Positions Held:

  • Community Therapist

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Therapist

  • Private Practice Owner

  • Clinical Supervisor

  • Clinical Director

  • Community Agency Owner

Some Stuff I've Done:

  • LOTS of Psychotherapy

  • Clinical Training

  • Clinical Workshops

  • University Guest Lecturer

  • Panel Speaker

  • Ethics Consultant

  • Practice Building Consultant

  • Grad Student Practicum & Internship Supervisor

  • Expert Witness (Court Trial)

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