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Sparked by watching psychotherapists SCRAMBLE, in crisis mode to adopt and 'have to' utilize teletherapy due to a worldwide health pandemic. Telehealth has been in popular use since the 1960s --- so WHY where most psychotherapists not already using a technology that those we serve NEED us to use?  

PsychologyPop is a mix of

  • a nonconformist bubble gum popper

  • one who opened her mind and learned to welcome the therapeutic benefits of pop psychology

  • a 'new technology' enthusiast' because-a how it has made people's lives better and

  • a fascination for how Web3 has already proven to be a catalyst for privacy protection which better serves people who depend on us mental health practitioners to 'do no harm.'

The Story

Foundational Collection

POP.heARTS is the Foundational NFT collection CAREfully and exhaustively created for over four months from the eye of a 25-year psychotherapist and life-long artist. The collection captures the view of the alliance between psychotherapists and our clients (those we serve). POP.heARTS captures a reflection of the many individual, unique challenges, people seek help for, AND a vision of mental health care, not treated as "there's a problem," but instead seen as WHO a person is in good times and struggles. Mental health IS health.


POP.heARTS are created from hand-drawn base attributes and traits. The backgrounds come from graphic design with the addition of fine-line hand-drawn details. Each POP.heART is digitally-generated, randomly assigning attributes, traits, and backgrounds into a 10,000 item collection.  Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind collectible.

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Bring mental health clinicians into the adoption of Web3 technologies, to promote the welcoming of new technologies as vital to improving and enhancing mental health service provision. 


Education      Connection Engagement      Inspiration   Celebration

Core Values


Serve with a lens and projection of diversity and inclusion. 


The pinnacle of PsychologyPop is celebrating the heroes, the frontline workers saving lives, the change makers within our field of mental health and psychological service provision. Because Darnit!—we just aren't celebrated! And I (meaning me...Elana) am tired of it!. YOU, out there changing the world by changing lives for the better. We are honored to know you, and celebrate you!

You'll get the fresh out of bed version, the sometimes irritated by what occurs in our field version, the goofy and laughing version, the polished version, and the 'taking things VERY seriously version. Whatever version, we promise to always be authentic and true. Love it or scathe and scoth at it, but you likely won't be able to resist it :-). [lip-smack] Relaaax...just do YOU boo-boo. 

Not really sure how much a set of smoke and mirrors costs (wait...let's check Amazon real quick!), whatever the price, it's not worth it. Unless it involves glitter. Then YES! Through open and honest communication, freely sharing information, we want you to gain knowledge and take ownership in becoming a STAR professional in this here mental field. When we SHOW, you GROW, and that makes all of this worth it. Oh...when I say "we" I mean the little team of people I found on Fiverr who help to get things done for you. In this space, the windows have no blinds. The shades have been lifted. PsychologyPop is an open book. Come on in! 

Now, havign just flooows like the river Jordan. Mental health clinicians are waaay to serious most of the time, and why is that? Who said that mental health education can't be fun? Practicing in our field absolutely can be fun! Honestly, NOT having fun is tough. We can even make the thought of pulling your hair out when it's time to document progress notes FUN. Or that time Elana's chair broke and crumbled beneath her during an online therapy session—FUN!

Therefore, a constant, consistent, joyful effort is made to always be collaborating and engaging with you. YOU, out there changing the world by changing lives for the better. Yep —"Hey you" on InstagramTwitterFacebook, in the members' Spotlight, and fabulous PsychologyPop Star. We are delighted to meet you and tell the world about what you do to change lives.

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The Launch Team

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Artist. Creative Soul. Entreprenuer. Licensed Psychotherapist. Licensure Supervisor.. Trainer. Mental Health Ethics Consultant. University

Guest Lecturer. Pet Lover.

Introvert. KInda Nerdy

Military Brat (not FROM anywhere)

The Team
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