Holders of  PsychologyPop NFTs receive Bubbles (utilities) because you are valued and yous support is valuable. 

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FOR Holders
and supported by Holders

  • Fair distribution. Sold at -- .03ETH.  Affordable for Psychotherapists!

  • Guest Lecture and Onsite Education for Psychology graduate students

  • Join the 1% Crypto Giving Pledge on the Giving Block - for Mental Health, Technology & Science, and Health & Medicine 

  • Pop-Shop exclusive merch for NFT Holders

  • Monthly Exclusive Giveaway for NFT Holders

  • Holder ONLY Discord area for holders to contribute to future POPmapping (roadmap)

  • Paid Internship Program for psychology graduate students who are partaking in unpaid practicums or internships. Interns become a part of the PsychologyPop Team while learning about Web3, the Blockchain, NFTs and how Web3 enhances mental health service provision.

  • Youtube Channel educational videos

  • Spatial gallery and no-stigma zone virtual reality space

  • Joing the Digital Chamber of Commerce as a representative of PsychologyPop NFT holders

  • Sock Street - hit the streets to give away 1,000 Pairs of socks


(...utility ideas we're still chewing on)

  • Pre-Sale Whitelist of 0.015 ETH for future projects for current PsychologyPop NFT Holders. (Public sale will still be 0.03ETH

  • FREE Merch for primary sale  Holders who stake for 90+ days


...still thinking about these


Bring mental health professionals into the adoption of Web3 --adopting new technologies when they are ‘new,’ to prevent forced panic adoption, improve mental health care quality, and expand client access to care.
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